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I am a Stanford alumna.

I have earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

I aIso have earned certificates from UCLA Los Angeles, University Extension in Basic and Advanced Early Childhood Education. The Advanced was earned with distinction.

Ethics is extremely important to me as is Privacy.

The title of my doctoral dissertation was: “Reproductive Technology: Concerns for Psychologists” and dealt in part with ethical concerns for psychologists.

I am an Interviewer for local undergraduate applicants to Stanford University.

I taught the course “Interviewing” at Rutgers University as a Visiting Professor in the early ‘80s (i.e., from 1983-1986). I was hired three days before the course was to begin, so I had to fly on the wings of the wind in order to be ready for my students (30-35).

In addition, I taught/tutored Chemistry for disadvantaged students at UCLA during the late seventies (approximately 1976-1977). I enjoyed making Chemistry fun so they could understand and remember it, using, e.g., anthropomorphisms and outrageous, funny metaphors.

Before all the aforementioned events, my boyfriend and I, as high school seniors in Advanced Biology, taught and were fully responsible for the sophomore Biology labs. We composed the lab tests, graded them, taught the labs, and supervised them. What an opportunity that was!

This website has been inspired by my son, who after viewing a commercial for Nutrisystem commented: “These commercials are getting more desperate. Mom, you have to do something about this!”

The website has been created in memory of my parents. My mother had been a young actress. Furthermore, she was a model and continued to care about her appearance and health……,

It’s dedicated to doctors who have been very encouraging and supportive as I researched this project.