Our children are the future.

Sadly, obese children are the subject of bullying and low self-esteem.

The prevalence of childhood obesity has increased in a dramaturgical manner over the past three decades and constitutes one of our nation’s greatest public health problems and challenges¹.

Children need healthful meals, not frozen, fried, and fattening ones. They need nutritious fruits and vegetables and proteins which are not breaded and fried. And, children need exercise. Positive self-esteem will follow!

Everyday Heroes

Another powerful way to raise the self-esteem of children (and everyone else, for that matter) is to teach them at an early age that we are all Heroes in Waiting and that they can become, as Dr. Philip Zimbardo (Professor Emeritus, Stanford University) says, Everyday Heroes.

Being kind and good to others can make you an Everyday Hero. 

Tikkun Olam

The concept of Everyday Hero is analogous to the concept of Tikkun Olam, which literally means “repair the world.”

Jewish children are taught this concept in Hebrew School and Jewish High Schools, where 4 years of Ethics is mandatory, that they are commanded to do acts which make the world a better place. Ideally, their parents model this behavior as well.

Saving a life is considered a Tikkun Olam.



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