Everyday Hero

Always bear in mind that we are all Heroes in Waiting. To be an Everyday Hero, help others when you can. You will be surprised at how wonderful you will feel and how much stronger you will be. Having discipline will enable you to triumph over evil. Choose a life of honor and courage for peace and justice.

Remember: There is nothing you cannot do. Never surrender! No dream is beyond your reach.

Tikkun Olam

The concept of Everyday Hero is analogous to Tikkun Olam, which literally means “repair the world.” Jewish children are taught in Hebrew School and Jewish High Schools, where 4 years of Ethics is mandatory, that they are commanded to do acts which make the world a better place. Ideally, their parents model this behavior as well.

For example, saving a life is considered a Tikkun Olam.


A very powerful personal reward is volunteering. My own volunteering in the pediatrics ward at Stanford Hospital was an experience that I will never forget.

There was a deaf child and no one knew sign language. After I purchased a book and studied a bit, the basics of communication were possible. What a profound experience this volunteering was!

Volunteering with the elderly is also very rewarding. Listening with compassion and empathy is so important. This is a heartfelt experience from which you can learn great wisdom.


You can donate money, clothes or almost anything. There are plenty of people who need items that you no longer use. 

Every Day. Hero.

Be an Everyday Hero. Help someone else. Help injured veterans by finding out how you can help. Donate your time, which is the most valuable. Read to children in impoverished areas.

You will feel so much better about yourself and forget about yourself as you let go and give.