Helpful Hints

Helpful Food Hints

Rewarding yourself for maintaining a disciplined lifestyle with regards to your weight and physical health can be a powerful motivator for continuing your progress and for keeping your chin up along the sometimes tough road to weight loss.

Here are some healthy ways to reward yourself:

Buy yourself something new.

Purchase an item of clothing in a smaller size to celebrate a milestone in weight loss (5, 10, or 20 pounds), whatever milestone you choose.

Enjoy a low-calorie sweet treat.

Offering flavors such as Vanilla, Cookie Shake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter, you can pig out on an ice cream called “Arctic Zero,” which has only 35 calories per serving and 150 calories in a entire pint! It’s an OK indulgence because you can consume the whole pint for 150 calories. It’s also great for those who are sensitive to dairy, because Arctic Zero ice cream is lactose free.

Assess the labels carefully when you choose to reward yourself with this frozen treat, however, because the brand also offers selections with a higher calorie content (about 300 cals per pint). Even so, the taste is great and the calories are substantially lower than anything else out there. Arctic Zero is available virtually everywhere these days. Enjoy!

Treat someone else.

To feel very special about your newfound sense of worth because you have helped yourself, the best reward is to help others. This sort of reward increases your feelings of self-esteem. You cannot place a price tag on these positive feelings.
Volunteerism is one way.

Donating is another.

Yet another way is to become an Everyday Hero, as we are all Heroes in Waiting.

This beautiful concept of Everyday Hero is that of Philip Zimbardo, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University. You can find videos online of Dr. Zimbardo explaining his concepts in an electrifying way.