Discipline enables us to win, and we all like to win.

Winning the battle of lifetime weight control is simple, but not easy because it requires discipline and determination.

We all know that winning is such a great feeling! Do not back down: Have only one word in mind: Victory!

On this website, you will find facts, suggestions, and many tips to help you on your journey to a healthy weight.

This is Not a Diet Program

In order to maintain your ideal weight, you must be your own boss, the captain of your ship, independent of diet programs.

Diet programs want you to be dependent on them, and will say anything and make all sorts of claims to get your money. In this respect, “diet” programs resemble whores. [I HIGHLY RECOMMEND REMOVING THIS SENTENCE]

The representatives of large diet programs tend to know little to nothing about physiology or keeping the pounds away on a long-term basis. They foster dependency.


The main purpose of this website is to demonstrate that the way to win the battle of weight control is through discipline and independence.

View the word “difficult” as motivation. Do not surrender: do not give up. There is no dream that is beyond your reach.

If you are wondering about yourself, look in the mirror: If you look fat, then you are fat.


I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul in the fell of circumstances.

I am the master of my fate

I am the captain of my soul.

–William Henley, 1875. 

Invictus means unconquerable or undefeated.

You are in charge: you have the power. Use these formidable words, or any you prefer.

There is nothing you cannot do!

Never surrender! Do not quit!

Be your own leader!

Be a Top Gun! or whatever metaphor works for you!