A quick list of things to avoid on your path to success:

Fast Food

Unless you are able to find a fast food establishment offering grilled chicken (non-breaded & fried), NO FAST FAT!!!

The “Cleanse”

Forget those “body cleansers.” Your liver and kidneys are your natural body cleansers. However, your doctor has the last word concerning your particular health concerns.


Do not use butter and try to limit dairy. Instead, use these alternatives:

  • Earth Balance vegan butter.
  • Almond Milk. Either plain or vanilla, unsweetened. Almond milk can be whipped and makes a great latte!
  • Apple sauce. Instead of butter in recipes, use apple sauce. It really works and tastes great!


Do not use sugar.

  • If you must add a bit of sweetness, use a no-calorie sweetener.

Food Rewards

Do not reward yourself with food!!!

Do not reward your pets with food either. Obese dogs, for instance, are prone to the same diseases that we humans can contract. Their lifespan is shorter.

Our vet has told me that our dog is in great shape. She has the energy of a puppy and no one ever assesses her age correctly! She says nothing, but understands French and English. She’ll never disclose her age!

Mindless or “Bored” Eating

If you are not hungry, do not eat! Ask yourself why you are reaching for the snack, and if you really need it, or if you are simply satisfying a need out of habit or boredom.

Negative Self-Talk

If you blow it for one day, do not beat yourself up. Just continue on your regimen the next day, and you’ll be just fine.